The Permanent Revolution Journal, Issue 4, January 2014

Wednesday 8th January 2014

Issue summary:

Editorial: As a comparison between two mass murderers, Bashar al-Assad and Saloth Sar known as Pol Pot.

Egypt: The Revolution Is Still in the Midan!
Egypt has been witnessing immense complications since June 30, 2013. In this issue, we present a brief review of the Muslim Brotherhood's experience in power, its defeat, and the policies of the military coup currently in power, in addition to the complexities of the Egyptian revolution and its prospects. An article by the editorial committee.

Women and Revolution
This issue provides a reading of the challenges faced by women in the fields of struggle, from human rights to sexual harassment. This dossier includes a study by Iranian researcher Laleh Khalili of women's struggle before, during, and after the Arab uprisings; an interview with Egyptian Revolutionary Socialist Doaa Bassiouni; and a historical brief on the participation of women in workers' struggles in Lebanon by Walid Daou.

Entity, Resistance, and Revolution
In light of the revolutionary process and its events and turbulences, which we are currently witnessing, how do we interpret nationalist thought? How could we address the questions of the Arab "nation"? What is the reality governing the politics of national liberation in the region? Are we merely witnessing a crisis in liberal thought, or is it a crisis in nationalist ideology as well? An article by Bassem Chit.

In this issue, leftist Syrian activist Monif Mulhem explains the complexities of the revolutionary political arena in Syria, in addition to an article by Ghayath Naisse on the role of the Syrian bourgeoisie before and during the revolution.

The Islamic Republic of Iran
This issue provides a look by an Iranian revolutionary at the realities of the situation in Iran, in the shadow of the Ayatollahs, between the crisis of power, stalled regional ambitions, and shameful compromises with imperialism, behind its people's back. An article by Ian Baback.

How could we understand political Islamic movements in Morocco? What ideas do they carry? What is the space of divergence among them? And what are their roles and political positions? An article by Al-Mounadil-ah.

Fathi Al-Shamikhi takes a look at the policies of "National Dialogue" undertaken by the Popular Front and its negative consequences on revolutionary struggle in Tunisia.

About and to Christian Ghazi
An obituary of Christian Ghazi, the director, revolutionary militant and poet, by the editorial committee.

“The man with the purple rose” - A human chant against death.
Camile Dagher reviews Antoine Doueihi’s novel “The man with the purple rose.”

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