No to AKP-US intervention, victory to the Syrian revolution!

Sunday 6th September 2015

Joining the imperialist coalition against ISIS, the Turkish state has begun to bomb Syria following its compromise with the US to open up the Incirlik airbase in return for bombing the PKK in Kandil.

As part of this agreement of joint action between the Ak Party and the US, by giving air support to some groups in the region they are working towards forming an “ISIS-free zone” in northern Syria.

We, socialists of Turkey and Syria, reject all political and military intervention of foreign powers to Syria; whether it is claimed against ISIS, Assad or the PKK.

For over a century the US leadership of western imperialism has turned the Middle East into a blood bath. The US and its allies aren’t the friends of the people of Syria, the Arab Spring uprising or the Kurds fighting for national rights. They are the friends of reactionary regimes in the region, dictators and Israel.

The Ak Party is one of the political actors that paved the way for turning the Syrian Revolution into a sectarian civil war by supporting sectarian reactionary forces against democratic movements by both Arabs and Kurds in Syria.

Everyone who wants to see the end of ISIS should follow the way of Arab revolutions.

Meanwhile, before the catastrophical situation of Syrian refugees throughout the region and Europe, it is important to remind that the reasons of the internal and external exodus of the Syrian people are the war and destructions led by the Assad regime firstly and then the reactionary Takfiri fundamentalist forces as ISIS, Jabhat al Nusra, Ahrar Alsham and others, while reactionary Gulf petro-monarchies and Arab States have done nothing to welcome Syrian refugees on the opposite rejecting them despite their “rhetoric support”. An AKP-US intervention in Syria will only exacerbate this dramatical situation in Syria.

Therefore, we have no faith in the coalition of murderers. We believe in the ordinary people from Beirut to Baghdad who have taken to the streets for freedom against sectarian divisions and their rulers.

For real change in the Middle East, we are working for unity of those struggling for freedom from Aleppo to Kobane, those who defeated the government at Gezi and those who overthrew Mubarak at Tahrir.

While continuing to work together for this, we will do whatever we can to stop the Turkish and Syrian governments working in favour of the ruling classes.

No to Assad, Erdoğan, Obama and Baghdadi!
Victory to the Syrian Revolution!
Long live the unity of the international working class!

Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party (DSIP) of Turkey
Revolutionary Left Current of Syria