DSIP: The Prime Minister and ministers must go!

Saturday 17th May 2014

Murder was committed in Soma by the government and the bosses. This was not an accident, but mass murder, committed openly and publicly. The official announcement is that 284 miners are dead, but we know that there are still many miners underground who have not been reached.

The miners’ relatives booing Prime Minister Erdoğan and the protests across the country show that anger at the government is growing, becoming widespread and hardening.

Erdoğan's insulting speech in Soma, his adviser kicking a miner’s relative, and Erdoğan punching another man in the face all show that the government is running scared.

There are reports of the Prime Minister hitting other people too as he moves around with his army of bodyguards. Hitting out at relatives and friends of miners who have lost their lives and insulting the people of Soma prove that Erdoğan, who has been aiming to stand for Presiden in the forthcoming election, is not even fit to be Prime Minister.

The murderers of workers must be sent to the dustbin of history!

Soma Holding bosses who claim that there was no negligence on their part must immediately be tried.

The Energy Minister who was praising the Soma boss one year ago, and all other ministers involved, are the culprits.

Together with these ministers, the Prime Minister who has called the people of Soma “immoral”, issued threats against them, and punched them, must also go.

What we need in order to ensure that this happens and the murderers do not go unpunished is united mass action by the workers.

DSİP will do all in its power to ensure united action by all workers’ organisations and to build a mass campaign which brings together everyone who is angry at the murders.

DSIP (The Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party of Turkey) CC