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The International Socialist Tendency (IST) is a current of revolutionary socialist organisations, based in different countries, which share a political outlook and seek to help each other by exchanging experience and practical support.

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Latest Issue of International Socialism - out now!

Monday 8th November 2010

The autumn 2010 issue of International Socialism is out now.

In the new issue:

  • Analysis of the politics of austerity
  • Panos Garganas interviewed on the struggle in Greece
  • Articles on Israel, Hamas and the Gaza blockade, and on the boycott of Israel
  • Christakis Georgiou and Jane Hardy look at aspects of the EU and the crisis
  • Jairus Banaji on the ironies of Indian Maoism
  • John Molyneux on Michelangelo
  • Neil Davidson reconsiders deflected permanent revolution

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