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The International Socialist Tendency (IST) is a current of revolutionary socialist organisations, based in different countries, which share a political outlook and seek to help each other by exchanging experience and practical support.

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Egypt: Appeal for International Solidarity Mobilisation

Monday 21st November 2011

A call for international solidarity with protests in Egypt

Hundreds of thousands of protesters are braving tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannon and live ammunition in demonstrations against the ruling military council in Egypt. By late on 20 November there were an estimated 100,000 in Tahrir Square according to eyewitness accounts and thousands protesting in every major city in Egypt. Their demands are clear: the downfall of Marshal Tantawi and Mubarak’s generals. As of Sunday 5 people at least had been killed and around 1000 injured.

The Egyptian Federation of Independent Trade Unions issued a call on Saturday 19 November to its 1.4 million members in affiliated unions to join the protests in Tahrir.

Our brothers and sisters in Egypt inspired us all with their courage over the past ten months. Without them, would we have seen the Occupy movement? How would our own struggles against austerity and cuts look ...

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Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists: "We call for a single unified committee to lead the General Strike."

Tuesday 6th September 2011

Summary of a statement by Egypt's Revolutionary Socialists, issued 5 September 2011

  1. We cannot ignore the role of the working class and its struggles over the past five years, or its role during the Egyptian revolution. It was the wave of strikes that paralyzed the regime in the final week of Husni Mubarak's reign.
  2. Today the working class is putting the revolution back on the road. The important centers of the working class have announced a number of strikes due to begin over the next few days.
    The strikes are in defense of the right of workers to a fair wage, humane working conditions and against corruption and the dominance of Mubarak placemen in institutions and public bodies.


  1. These strikes are being spearheaded by the textile workers of Mahalla al-Kubra; teachers and lecturers; health workers; workers in aviation, transport and other sectors.
  2. The struggle of workers was not only a major episode ...
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Declaration of the European Anticapitalist Left Conference

Monday 18th July 2011

This declaration was agreed by a meeting of the European anticapitalist left, which took place in London on 11-12 June 2011.

The global economic crisis is now in its fourth year.

It is evidently not a ‘normal’ cyclical recession but a systemic crisis on a comparable scale to and with the same disruptive potential as the Great Depression of the 1930s. Like that earlier crisis, the present one is protracted and goes through different stages - credit crunch, financial crash, global slump, and now a ‘recovery’ marked by mass unemployment, intensified competition among the leading capitalist powers, and the sovereign debt crisis. There is room for discussion on the left about the precise causes of the crisis – are they to be traced to the tendency of the rate of profit to fall or are they restricted to the more specific problems generated by neoliberalism? – but it is ...

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