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The International Socialist Tendency (IST) is a current of revolutionary socialist organisations, based in different countries, which share a political outlook and seek to help each other by exchanging experience and practical support.

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Statement of the Revolutionary Socialists (Egypt): You shall not pass your constitution

Friday 7th December 2012

You shall not pass your constitution
The Revolutionary Socialists
4 December 2012

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Continuing with policies of ignorance and stubbornness, Mohamed Morsi announced that the Constitutional Referendum will be held in less than ten days. This response to the million-strong marches which have filled the squares recalls the policies of the deposed dictator Mubarak towards the political and social movement. It appears that Morsi, who scraped an electoral victory by a mere 1 percent, is counting on the power of his organisation and the mobilisation of the Islamist forces who demonstrated in Nahdet Misr Square last Saturday. But the lessons of history show that no ruler can withstand the movement of the masses, so long as they have decided to continue to defend the gains of their revolution, and have not yet lost hope in completing more of its goals.

It seems that the severe ...

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Statement by En lucha / En lluita on the Catalan elections (English, Catalan, Spanish)

Tuesday 4th December 2012

The Candidatura de Unitat Popular - Alternativa d’Esquerres (CUP-AE – Popular Unity Candidature-Left Alternative) has achieved a strong breakthrough in the Catalan parliamentary elections. 126,219 people voted for a clear alternative that seeks change: a candidature organised from the rank and file, capable of breaking the anti-democratic dynamic of the electoral blocks by means of militant activism. Over 450 meetings, street stands, posters stuck up everywhere and electoral vans have enabled another way of understanding politics in order to reach thousands, reinvigorate left-wing politics from below in a way that is a long distance from traditional politics.

This is a shortened version of the statement. Full statement in Catalan and Spanish below.

We in En lucha applaud the results of the CUP-AE, the electoral front in which we have participated. Once again working in unity proved the best tool for mobilising. More than 100,000 people have identified with a ...

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