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The International Socialist Tendency (IST) is a current of revolutionary socialist organisations, based in different countries, which share a political outlook and seek to help each other by exchanging experience and practical support.

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Statement on South Korea’s 18th presidential election (All Together)

Thursday 27th December 2012

The 18th presidential election, which sharply polarized Korea,ended ominously with the election of Park Geun-hye as president. Most organized workers must be in a mild state of panic. And indeed the radical left, including All Together, is facing a tough period.

The election was held in the context of a re-invigorated crisis of capitalism, deepening inter-imperialist tensions in the Asia Pacific region, and the growing instability of the existing imperialist order.The Korean economy was sinking deeper into crisis along with the rest of the world, and hard-right governments were coming to power in Japan and China as a byproduct of the US “pivot to Asia”.

With a sense of urgency, the Korean ruling class seems to have reached a consensus that a hard-right government that will pass on the burden of the economic crisis to the working class is needed in order to safeguard their interests. So, they decided ...

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Statement by All Together on the South Korean presidential elections

Wednesday 19th December 2012

We understand people feeling that they have no choice but to vote for Moon Jae-in in order to stop Park Geun-hye. But we should have no illusions.

Less than 10 days remain till the 18th presidential election. At the moment, numerous predictions show Park Geun-hye is leading by a minor margin. Nevertheless, no one dares to predict the definite result. What is definite is that regardless who becomes elected, that person will try to pass on the burden of the economic crisis to the working class and marginalized people. This is because the South Korean economy is falling deeper into a crisis amid the world economic crisis.

Of course, the mainstream presidential candidates are promising 'economic democracy' and 'welfare' and trying their best to conceal their real intentions in fear that their votes might drop. This also shows no one would be in a position to confidently and easily ...

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Call for action, 19 January: Athens, an anti-fascist city (English and French)

Friday 14th December 2012

Saturday 19/1 Athens, an anti-fascist city

National demonstration Omonia square 2pm

Gig Syntagma square 4pm

Say it with a song…

Nazis out! - No to concentration camps - Citizenship for all the children of immigrants

On the 19th of January we flood Athens from every city and neighborhood in the country, from every workplace, place of education, art, workers and youth. We occupy the city with music, chants and speeches, to shout that the Nazis are undesirable and the coalition government with the racist policies of concentration camps, FRONTEX and of the denial of citizenship for the children of the immigrants, makes us angry as much as the barbaric measures that send hundreds of thousands to unemployment.

We cannot stand for putting the blame of the rich and the governments for the crisis that sows poverty and deprivation, leads to suicides, sends homeless to queue for soup kitchens, to the immigrants, turning them into scapegoats ...

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Antifascist day of action: declaration of artists, academics and others (English, French, Italian)

Friday 14th December 2012

Declaration of artists, academics and others for the antifascist day of 19 January (French and Italian translations below). Please circulate widely. Signatures can be sent to

Against fascism and racism...


Six months after Golden Dawn entered Parliament, no one can say: I do not know.

The serpent's egg has hatched. The venom from its bite is threatening lives: poor people who happened to be born with the “wrong” skin colour and have the misfortune to cross the path of Golden Dawn stormtroopers, immigrants, leftists or anarchists, trade unionists, Roma gypsies, gays, anyone who is “different” from the brownshirts' tastes.

The rise of the neo-Nazis is frightening. Especially in a period of economic crisis such as today's. The governments of the last three years that have implemented the politics of the austerity Memorandum have legitimised the Golden Dawn agenda. They brought racism against immigrants, operations to sweep them off the ...

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