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The International Socialist Tendency (IST) is a current of revolutionary socialist organisations, based in different countries, which share a political outlook and seek to help each other by exchanging experience and practical support.

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Zimbabweans face possible death sentence for discussing Egyptian Revolution - English and French

Friday 25th February 2011

From Socialist Worker

by Yuri Prasad

A group of socialists in Zimbabwe face a possible death sentence for watching a video about the Egyptian Revolution.

Some 52 activists were charged with treason and “subverting a constitutionally elected government” in a Harare court yesterday (Wednesday).

The attack is part of a general clampdown organised by the dictatorship of Robert Mugabe in advance of possible elections later this year. He fears that the wave of uprisings in the Middle East and north Africa could spread south.

Police arrested the group on Saturday of last week following a raid on a meeting to discuss the implications of the Egyptian Revolution for Zimbabwe that was organised by the International Socialist Organization (ISO).

The accused were led into court on Wednesday hand cuffed and in leg irons.

Many had sustained injuries while in detention, and all—including those who are HIV positive—have been prevented from receiving medical attention and ...

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Protest against this attack on Zimbabwean socialists

Monday 21st February 2011

On Saturday the Zimbabwean state attacked a meeting on Egypt of the International Socialist Organization Zimbabwe and arrested everyone there.

Some 52 people representing students, union members and workers were arrested and were being detained at Harare Central prison.

Munyararzi Gwisai, Director of the Labor Law Center was among those detained. The state can detain them for 48 hours without laying charges. They were hosting a closed-door meeting at the Labor Law Center in downtown Harare when the police raided the premises. They were discussing the events in the middle east and the fall of Egyptian dictator Mubarak and had just shown a film of the uprising.

They are being individually interrogated and, according to one comrade who saw them briefly this morning, the ring leaders are being beaten.

Send statements of protest to and copy to and

People can also call the following numbers to exert pressure – ...

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Statement of the Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt in Polish, Danish, Spanish & Kurdish

Monday 14th February 2011

Polish version:

Oświadczenie Rewolucyjnych Socjalistów, Egipt

Chwała męczennikom! Zwycięstwo rewolucji!

To, co dzieje się dziś, to najpotężniejsza rewolucja ludowa w historii naszego kraju i całego świata arabskiego. Ofiara naszych męczenników położyła fundament pod naszą rewolucję i przełamaliśmy barierę strachu. Nie cofniemy się, aż zostaną zniszczeni zbrodniczy „przywódcy” i ich zbrodniczy system.

Odejście Mubaraka to pierwszy, a nie ostatni krok rewolucji

Przekazanie dyktatorskiej władzy Omarowi Sulejmanowi, Ahmedowi Szafikowi i innym akolitom Mubaraka oznacza dalsze trwanie starego systemu. Omar Sulejman to przyjaciel Izraela i Ameryki, któremu większość czasu zajmują wizyty w Waszyngtonie i Tel Awiwie, i który wiernie służy ich interesom. Ahmed Szafik to bliski przyjaciel Mubaraka i jego wspólnik w tyranizowaniu, ucisku i ograbianiu ludu egipskiego.

Bogactwo kraju należy do ludu i musi do niego wrócić

Przez ostatnie trzy dekady despotyczny reżim podarował największe przedsiębiorstwa w kraju małej grupce liderów biznesowych i zagranicznym korporacjom. Ponad 90% bogactwa kraju znajduje się w ręku 100 rodzin. Zyskali ...

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Statement of the Revolutionary Socialists Egypt

Wednesday 9th February 2011

Glory to the martyrs! Victory to the revolution!
What is happening today is the largest popular revolution in the history of our country and of the entire Arab world. The sacrifice of our martyrs has built our revolution and we have broken through all the barriers of fear. We will not back down until the criminal "leaders" and their criminal system is destroyed.

Mubarak's departure is the first step, not the last step of the revolution

The handover of power to a dictatorship under Omar Suleiman, Ahmed Shafiq and other cronies of Mubarak is the continuation of the same system. Omar Suleiman is a friend of Israel and America, spends most of his time between Washington and Tel Aviv and is a servant who is faithful to their interests. Ahmed Shafik is a close friend of Mubarak and his colleague in the tyranny, oppression and plunder imposed on the Egyptian people.

The country's wealth ...

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