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The International Socialist Tendency (IST) is a current of revolutionary socialist organisations, based in different countries, which share a political outlook and seek to help each other by exchanging experience and practical support.

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The year the masks fell: Egyptians against the alliance of the Brotherhood, military and capital

Sunday 27th January 2013

The Egyptian people’s great revolution, which threw the dictator and his cronies into prison, is still aflame as it marks its second anniversary. It has already toppled several failed governments, and forced the Military Council to quit after elections which brought Mohamed Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood to power.

Their electoral success reflected the fact that the contest was with Ahmad Shafiq and the remnants of the old regime, and their deceptive claims of supporting the revolution’s goals. Less than a year later, the masks have fallen, and the true face of the Brotherhood’s regime has appeared. They began their reign by honouring the killers of the Military Council, and made an alliance with the military to protect their new positions of power in return for allowing the military to retain its unaccountable economic empire.

The Brotherhood regime hurried to make peace with the businessmen who looted Egypt’s wealth ...

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Statement of Socialist Workers Bulletin (Nigeria): Nigerian troops out of Mali

Friday 18th January 2013

776 Nigerian troops are expected to arrive in Mali today to support the attacks by French forces in the north of Mali.  They are expected to be joined by 124 more, and another 2,000 troops from other West African countries.  This action confirms Nigeria’s imperialist role across West Africa and gives backing to the French attacks which have already killed hundreds with bombing raids on the three main towns of Gao, Kidal and Timbuktu.

By Baba Aye, National Chairperson

Aid agencies expect the number of refugees from the fighting to increase to 70,000 and the level of malnutrition, which doubled last year, will also increase.  As the people of Iraq and Afghanistan have found out, Western imperialism never comes to bring democracy but to defend its own crude interests.

The north of Mali has suffered great poverty and little investment by the central government for decades.  Early last year Tuareg separatists ...

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Statement by DSIP (Turkey): Bullets aimed at peace

Friday 11th January 2013

Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) co-founder Sakine Cansiz, Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) Paris represantative Fidan Dogan and Leyla Soylemez were murdered in an armed attack on the Kurdistan Information Bureau in Paris.

Greek translation below

The purpose of this assassination is clearly to sabotage the peace negotiations between the Turkish government  and the PKK. Such acts of sabotage were expected since the start of negotiations between PKK leader Abdullah Öcalan and the Turkish government which have led to widespread optimism throughout the country about an end to the 30-year-old war which has claimed 40,000 lives.

Not even the solution of the Kurdish question, but simply the beginning of a serious dialogue between the two sides has already disturbed and alarmed the war-mongers.

* The bullets were fired in an attempt to interrupt the peace negotiations.

* Those who fired them must be found without delay.

* The Turkish goverment must ensure the security of the Kurdish ...

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Condemnation of continued attacks against comrade Femi Aborisade (Nigeria)

Thursday 3rd January 2013

Condemnation of continued attacks against comrade Femi Aborisade and demand for action

Socialist Workers League (SWL, Nigeria) is bothered by the continued attacks against Comrade Femi Aborisade, a leading member of the SWL and the Editor of Socialist Worker, the League’s newspaper, who is a Senior Principal Lecturer at The Polytechnic Ibadan. Eight armed men stormed his house on December 29. This was the second of such attacks within five weeks.

SWL promptly wrote to the Commissioner of Police, demanding that action be taken to safeguard Comrade Aborisade and indeed all residents within the premises of the institution. At that time, we were rather reticent and refrained from categorically declaring the attack as being political. But for similar attacks to take place barely a month after, with the armed hoodlums calling out his name and demanding that he comes out, shows that there is much more to this matter than ...

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