Various organisations within the International Socialist Tendency (IST) produce publications that provide in-depth analysis of current affairs and Marxist theory.

International Socialism Journal – UK

#153 (winter 2017) contains:

The US after the election (Josh Hollands) * The end of the world news (Alex Callinicos) * Abortion wars (Judith Orr) * Lessons of the Syrian Revolution (interview with Ghayath Naisse) * Here to stay, here to fight: How Asians transformed the British working class (Yuri Prasad) * Trotsky on the Labour Party (Tony Phillips) * The Labour Party, antisemitism and Zionism (John Newsinger) * Understanding the counter-revolution (Jad Bouharoun) * Ecology and value theory (Jean Parker) * Once more on strikes (Simon Joyce) * Plus book reviews, feedback and our pick of the quarter

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Σοσιαλισμοσ απο τα κατω - Greece

#19 (November-December 2016) contains:

*The SYRIZA government slides to the right-Escalate the resistance, by Maria
*Capitalism and Disability by Dimitra Kyrillou
*Is the precariat part of the proletariat? by Sotiris Kontogiannis
*Fighting the far right across Europe by Thanasis Kampagiannis
*Do we need the United Front today? by Leandros Bolaris
*Deciphering Capital-the never ending deciphering, a review of the greek
edition of Alex Callinicos’ book, by Panos Garganas
*Other book reviews include Tasos Kostopoulos’”Red December”, Alexandra
Kollontai on Women, Dimitris Sklavenitis on the School students
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Irish Marxist Review – Ireland

#16 contains:

Equality, Democracy, Solidarity: The Politics Of Abortion * Into the limelight: tax haven Ireland * Can the EU be reformed? * Secularism, Islamophobia and the Politics of religion * A Socialist in Stormont: Interview with Gerry Carroll MLA * Fianna Fáil: Past and Present * Socialists and Disability * Science, Politics and Public Policy * The Starry Plough – a historical note * Review: Kieran Allen, The Politics of James Connolly  * Review: Keeanga-Yamattha Taylor Read more

La Hiedra – Spain

# 31 (September 2012) contains:

Editorial: Recortes y radicalidad: ¿hacia la espiral griega? * Las luchas mineras de hoy y de ayer (Luis Zhu and Luke Stobart) * Grecia: La izquierda y el poder (Andy Durgan) * La crisis de la eurozona: ¿de los rescates a la ruptura? (Joel Sans) * Capitalismo zombi ‘made in spain’ (Elena Idoate) * Las salidas a la crisis y la vía anticapitalista (Albert García) * El futuro de la izquierda anticapitalista a debate (Joxe Iriarte and Josep Bel) * “La cadena de montaje empieza en la cocina, en el lavabo, en nuestros cuerpos” (Manel Ros) * El anticapitalismo y el ascenso del independentismo catalán (Toni Pizà) * Flamenco y revolución (Luis Mariano García) Read more