Online conference: The Revolutionary Alternative to Capitalism’s Climate Disaster

The conference is on Sunday 14th November. Speakers so far include: · Sabrina Fernandez (Brazil) · Alex Callinicos (Britain) · Özdeş Özbay (Turkey) · John Molyneux (Ireland) · Gyekye Tanoh (Ghana) · Michelle Robidoux (Canada) · Amy Leather (Britain) · Erima Dall (Australia) · Martin Empson (Britain) Sessions include: The Limits of COP26 and Capitalist Solutions · Marxism,... Read More

Rebellion against Fortress Europe!

Austria is at the center of an impressive rebellion against the “Fortress Europe” that forced the governments of Hungary, Austria and Germany to open its borders. But activists must remain vigilant. While the rulers pretend to be shocked and helpful they plan to raise EU’s external borders even higher and set up mass camps outside the European Union (EU). It is a rebellion... Read More

Anger after Egyptian court jails leading Revolutionary Socialist Mahienour el-Massry

A court in Alexandria has jailed leading Revolutionary Socialist Mahienour el-Massry for two years and fined her over £4,000. She has now gone missing in the prison system. Her family went to visit her this morning, Wednesday, at the women’s prison at Damanhour city in Beheira governate. They were told that Mahienour was not there as there was a mistake in her papers. Mahienour,... Read More

The Permanent Revolution Journal, Issue 4, January 2014

Issue summary: Editorial: As a comparison between two mass murderers, Bashar al-Assad and Saloth Sar known as Pol Pot. Egypt: The Revolution Is Still in the Midan! Egypt has been witnessing immense complications since June 30, 2013. In this issue, we present a brief review of the Muslim Brotherhood’s experience in power, its defeat, and the policies of the military coup currently... Read More

The trial of Workers Solidarity was postponed

Today, the 12th of December 2013, the Athens One-Member Court for Misdemeanors, following the prosecutor’s suggestion, found itself incompetent to try the criminal lawsuit of Ioannis Andriopoulos, a supporter of the Golden Dawn Party, against Katerina Thoidou, Tassos Anastasiadis and Panos Garganas, journalist, editor and director of Workers Solidarity (“Ergatiki Allileghii”)... Read More

Who are the Thai anti-government protesters and what do they stand for?

Thousands of crazed middle-class royalists, led by the notorious blood-stained Democrat Party have been demonstrating in an attempt to get rid of the Government and all of former Prime Minister Taksin’s influence in politics. They hope the military will help them do this. They have been occupying government buildings and blocking roads. Read More  Read More

International Appeal for Financial Support Against the Prosecution of Workers Solidarity by neo-Nazi Golden Dawn lawyer in Greece

Dear comrades, As you know, three members of the Greek Socialist Workers Party (SEK) are to appear in court on December 12th, 2013 accused of “defamation” by a lawyer who is in the payroll of a nazi Golden Dawn MP. Katerina Thoidou, journalist, Tasos Anastasiades, publisher and Panos Garganas, editor of Ergatiki Allileghii (Workers Solidarity, weekly paper of SEK) are to stand... Read More

Statement of Socialist Workers Bulletin (Nigeria): Nigerian troops out of Mali

776 Nigerian troops are expected to arrive in Mali today to support the attacks by French forces in the north of Mali.  They are expected to be joined by 124 more, and another 2,000 troops from other West African countries.  This action confirms Nigeria’s imperialist role across West Africa and gives backing to the French attacks which have already killed hundreds with bombing... Read More

Statement by All Together on the South Korean presidential elections

We understand people feeling that they have no choice but to vote for Moon Jae-in in order to stop Park Geun-hye. But we should have no illusions. Less than 10 days remain till the 18th presidential election. At the moment, numerous predictions show Park Geun-hye is leading by a minor margin. Nevertheless, no one dares to predict the definite result. What is definite is that regardless... Read More

Antifascist day of action: declaration of artists, academics and others (English, French, Italian)

Declaration of artists, academics and others for the antifascist day of 19 January (French and Italian translations below). Please circulate widely. Signatures can be sent to Against fascism and racism… Six months after Golden Dawn entered Parliament, no one can say: I do not know. The serpent’s egg has hatched. The venom from its bite is threatening... Read More