Bassem Chit: Tribute to a lost comrade

We write to express our profound shock and grief about the death of our beloved friend and comrade Bassem Chit. In the all too brief time that we had to work together with Bassem as a fellow revolutionary socialist activist, we had come greatly to admire him for his intelligence, his learning, his determination, his energy, his courage, and his optimism. One always came away from... Read More

Dogan Tarkan: A personal tribute

I first met Dogan Tarkan in the mid-1980s. He was then living in exile in London. He had been a leading figure in the Turkish far left during the 1970s, a period of intense class conflict that involved street warfare between the left groups and the extreme right. The military coup of 1980 sent Dogan into exile, along with many other Turkish revolutionaries. It was during this period... Read More

Julie Waterson (1958-2012): our most fearless fighter

Julie Waterson, who died absurdly young at the age of 54 on Friday 16 November, was one of the most outstanding figures to have emerged from the Socialist Workers Party. Whether as organiser, party leader or activist, she inspired everyone who came into contact with her. Alex Callinicos pays tribute to this inspiring socialist campaigner. Julie came from Bathgate, West Lothian,... Read More