Belarus and the struggle against Lukashenko

A mass movement of strikes and protests has developed in Belarus, protesting the corrupt authoritarian rule of Aleksander Lukashenko. Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets. There are strikes in manufacturing plants, the energy sector, steel works, mining, petrochemicals, the media and other sectors. Lukashenko and his allies have responded with repression, unleashing state... Read More

IST statement on coronavirus pandemic

1. The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is generally presented as a “natural disaster”, an “external shock” to the normal functioning of the capitalist system. But this is quite untrue. There have been various novel coronavirus and influenza outbreaks (SARS, MERS, H5N1): epidemiologists warned posed the threat of a global pandemic.. The conditions for these outbreaks have been... Read More

Against xenophobia! For working people’s unity!

Joint statement of International Socialist Tendency organisations in Africa: 1. International Socialists across the African continent categorically condemn the wave of xenophobic violence which rocked South Africa over the last week. These attacks against fellow poor working people and accompanied retaliatory action in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, Zambia and other... Read More

IST statement on the racist drive in Europe

1. The European Council meeting on 28 June marked a potentially very dangerous turning point in the racist drive against migrants in Europe. After Donald Trump’s election in November 2016 the European Union presented itself as a bastion of liberalism and tolerance standing out against the new American president’s racism ands sexism. But this latest summit saw the EU embrace... Read More

Solidarity with the movement in the Rif and Morocco

For more than half a year people have taken to the streets in the Rif region and the rest of Morocco. They demand an end to humiliation (“hogra”) at the hands of police and state officials, and investment in public services and employment. The movement began with the brutal police murder of the fishmonger Mohcine Fikri in Al Hoceima. Hoceima is part of the northern Rif region—a... Read More

Stand Up to Trump! Use 18-19 March to Build Worldwide Movement against Racism!

The election of Donald Trump marked a sharp shift to the right in ruling-class politics in the advanced capitalist societies. We have an open racist and sexist occupying the White House, proclaiming economic nationalism and ‘America First’ and advised by reactionaries the like of Stephen Bannon, who argues that the West is at war with the Islamic world. Trump’s executive order... Read More


1. Europe is facing what has been called its “greatest refugee crisis since the Second World War”. Global levels of displacement due to war and persecution have reached horrific proportions. Some 13.9 million were displaced in 2014 alone. The numbers entering Europe in July were three times higher than a year earlier. The largest source of refugees making the desperate journey... Read More

Διακήρυξη της Διεθνιστικής Σοσιαλιστικής Τάσης: Mετά το Charlie Hebdo

1. Το φονικό στο Παρίσι στα γραφεία του Charlie Hebdo στις 7 Γενάρη και οι σκοτωμοί που ακολούθησαν δυο μέρες αργότερα, τεσσάρων ανθρώπων που ψώνιζαν σε εβραϊκό σουπερμάρκετ στη Βανσέν, έτυχαν σχεδόν καθολικής αποδοκιμασίας.... Read More

Stanowisko Nurtu Międzynarodowego Socjalizmu w sprawie paryskich zabójstw

1. Zastrzelenie 7 stycznia w Paryżu osób związanych z Charlie Hebdo poprzedzające zabójstwo czterech klientów w supermarkecie koszernym w Vincennes dwa dni później spotkało się z niemal uniwersalnym potępieniem. I oczywiście słusznie jest je potępiać. Jednak typowy sposób tego potępienia – jako barbarzyńskiego i irracjonalnego aktu godzącego w tradycyjne... Read More


1- The shootings in Paris at the offices of Charlie Hebdo on 7 January, followed by the killing of four shoppers at a kosher supermarket in Vincennes two days later, have attracted almost universal condemnation. And of course it is right to condemn them. But the typical manner of this condemnation – as barbarous and irrational acts that violate traditional Western liberties –... Read More