The fight for the democratic right to decide in Catalunya

The announcement today by the Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont, that a referendum will be held on the independence of Catalunya of Sunday 1 October responds to a longstanding demand by a large majority of the country. It comes after years of mass mobilisations in recent years, with demonstrations of up to 2 million people, and countless other actions. Currently, around 80% of... Read More

IST statement: General Strike in Southern Europe on 14 November

The decision by unions in Greece, Italy, Portugal, the Spanish state, southern Cyprus and Malta to call a one-day general strike as part of a European-wide day of action against austerity is unprecedented. Greek translation below It provides a magnificent opportunity to link up the mass resistance to cuts and attacks on workers’ rights that has been developing throughout Europe... Read More

Statement on the 14 November General Strike – En Lucha / En Lluita (Spanish / Catalan / English)

CCOO y UGT han convocado una Huelga General (HG) para el 14 de noviembre en contra de las políticas de austeridad que están siguiendo las administraciones públicas, desde el gobierno central encabezado por Mariano Rajoy a las comunidades autónomas. Sin embargo, esta huelga es especial, se encuentra enmarcada dentro de una jornada de lucha europea. De esta manera la convocatoria... Read More