No to AKP-US intervention, victory to the Syrian revolution!

Joining the imperialist coalition against ISIS, the Turkish state has begun to bomb Syria following its compromise with the US to open up the Incirlik airbase in return for bombing the PKK in Kandil. As part of this agreement of joint action between the Ak Party and the US, by giving air support to some groups in the region they are working towards forming an “ISIS-free zone”... Read More


1. The victory of Syriza in the Greek general election of 25 January was a victory for the left and the workers’ movement – not only in Greece but throughout Europe. It marked a breakthrough in the struggle against the austerity measures with which the Western ruling classes have reacted to the global economic crisis (once the immediate scare caused by the 2008 financial crash... Read More


Οι ΗΠΑ, επικεφαλής ενός «συνασπισμού προθύμων» που συμπεριλαμβάνει χώρες μέλη του ΝΑΤΟ και Αραβικά καθεστώτα, έχουν εξαπολύσει ένα νέο πόλεμο στη Μέση Ανατολή. Ο Μπαράκ Ομπάμα και άλλοι δυτικοί ηγέτες μας βεβαιώνουν... Read More

Uluslararası Sosyalist Akım’dan Ortadoğu’daki yeni savaş üzerine açıklama

NATO ülkelerini ve Arap rejimlerini kucaklayan bir “gönüllüler koalisyonu”nun başını çeken ABD, Ortadoğu’da yeni bir savaş başlattı. Barack Obama ve diğer Batı liderleri, bu müdahalenin George W Bush’un Ortadoğu’daki askeri macerasından çok farklı olduğunu söylüyorlar. Amaç, basitçe, İslam Devleti, IŞİD, Irak Levant İslam Devleti (ISIL) gibi... Read More

Anger after Egyptian court jails leading Revolutionary Socialist Mahienour el-Massry

A court in Alexandria has jailed leading Revolutionary Socialist Mahienour el-Massry for two years and fined her over £4,000. She has now gone missing in the prison system. Her family went to visit her this morning, Wednesday, at the women’s prison at Damanhour city in Beheira governate. They were told that Mahienour was not there as there was a mistake in her papers. Mahienour,... Read More

DSIP: The Prime Minister and ministers must go!

Murder was committed in Soma by the government and the bosses. This was not an accident, but mass murder, committed openly and publicly. The official announcement is that 284 miners are dead, but we know that there are still many miners underground who have not been reached. The miners’ relatives booing Prime Minister Erdoğan and the protests across the country show that anger... Read More

Urgent Appeal for Support and Solidarity – DEMOCRATIC LEFT FRONT (DLF)

Comrades, its once again the time to dig deep. Things are beginning to change. The ANC’s hegemony is eroding. Corruption, cronyism, the Marikana massacre and an upturn in working class struggle is rapidly changing the situation. We are entering a new period where great opportunities exist for the recomposition of the labour movement, for uniting workplace and community struggles... Read More

Dogan Tarkan: A personal tribute

I first met Dogan Tarkan in the mid-1980s. He was then living in exile in London. He had been a leading figure in the Turkish far left during the 1970s, a period of intense class conflict that involved street warfare between the left groups and the extreme right. The military coup of 1980 sent Dogan into exile, along with many other Turkish revolutionaries. It was during this period... Read More

International Appeal for Financial Support Against the Prosecution of Workers Solidarity by neo-Nazi Golden Dawn lawyer in Greece

Dear comrades, As you know, three members of the Greek Socialist Workers Party (SEK) are to appear in court on December 12th, 2013 accused of “defamation” by a lawyer who is in the payroll of a nazi Golden Dawn MP. Katerina Thoidou, journalist, Tasos Anastasiades, publisher and Panos Garganas, editor of Ergatiki Allileghii (Workers Solidarity, weekly paper of SEK) are to stand... Read More

Solidarity with Greek socialist newspaper prosecuted by adviser to Golden Dawn MP

The weekly paper Workers’ Solidarity faces prosecution in court on 12 December as a result of its antiracist and antifascist stand. Katerina Thoidou, journalist, Tasos Anastasiades, publisher, and Panos Garganas, editor, are to stand trial accused of “defamation” by a lawyer, Ioannis Andriopoulos who is a salaried assistant to a Golden Dawn member of parliament. At a time... Read More