Anger after Egyptian court jails leading Revolutionary Socialist Mahienour el-Massry

A court in Alexandria has jailed leading Revolutionary Socialist Mahienour el-Massry for two years and fined her over £4,000. She has now gone missing in the prison system. Her family went to visit her this morning, Wednesday, at the women’s prison at Damanhour city in Beheira governate. They were told that Mahienour was not there as there was a mistake in her papers. Mahienour,... Read More

Down with military rule! Down with Al-Sisi!

Down with military rule! Down with Al-Sisi, the leader of the counter-revolution! By the Revolutionary Socialists, Egypt 14 August 2013 The bloody dissolution of the sit-ins in Al-Nahda Square and Raba’a al-Adawiyya is nothing but a massacre prepared in advance. It aims not only to liquidate the Muslim Brotherhood,... Read More

The Brotherhood was overthrown to deepen the revolution, not to support the regime

Not in our name! The Brotherhood was overthrown to deepen the revolution, not to support the regime. 25 July 2013 Whatever crimes the Brotherhood has committed against the people and against the Copts in defence of its power in the name of religion, we do not give Al-Sisi our authority. We will not go into... Read More

Freedom is in the hands of the people, and not of the military

Declaration from the Revolutionary Socialists, Egypt 9 July 2013‪ Freedom is in the hands of the people, and not of the military and the guards Greetings to the millions of Egyptians who overthrew Morsi with their heroic mobilisation, and stood firm their protests and defended themselves for the past two weeks. This confirms... Read More

The year the masks fell: Egyptians against the alliance of the Brotherhood, military and capital

The Egyptian people’s great revolution, which threw the dictator and his cronies into prison, is still aflame as it marks its second anniversary. It has already toppled several failed governments, and forced the Military Council to quit after elections which brought Mohamed Mursi and the Muslim Brotherhood to power. Their electoral success reflected the fact that the contest was... Read More

Statement on Gaza by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists

At the start of Israel’s current attacks on Gaza, the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists issued the following statement: When will you cut relations with the enemy, if not now? The Revolutionary Socialists 15 November 2012 Read the original statement in Arabic In the midst of what is called ‘The Arab Spring’, Gaza’s Winter continues. Zionist shelling has so far... Read More

Egyptian army arrests Sameh Naguib

Centre for Socialist Studies 10 February 2012 A group of armed civilians in cooperation with the military police attacked a group of Revolutionary Socialists a short while ago. Sameh Naguib, labor lawyer Haitham Mohammedein, and human rights lawyer Ahmed Mamdouh were attacked while participating in a march in Alexandria, after which Naguib was turned over to the headquarters of... Read More

Egypt: Appeal for International Solidarity Mobilisation

A call for international solidarity with protests in Egypt Read More  Read More

Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists: “We call for a single unified committee to lead the General Strike.”

Summary of a statement by Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists, issued 5 September 2011 Read More  Read More

Statement by Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists: “The Mask has Slipped”

The mask has slipped: instead of military salutes we now hear the generals’ threats 12 July 2011 Only a short while ago, the spokesman of the Military Council, Major General Fangari, saluted the martyrs of the revolution and melted Egyptians’ hearts with the memories of the days they spent chanting that the army and the people were “one... Read More