Solidarity with Cizre, freedom for the Kurdish people!

The Turkish government’s decision to re-start the war against the Kurdish people this summer has led to clashes between the army and the PKK, with dozens of soldiers, police officers and Kurdish fighters dead. This has, as usual, been accompanied by a wave of racist demonstrations organised by the fascists all around Turkey and massive state repression and violence against civilians... Read More

No to AKP-US intervention, victory to the Syrian revolution!

Joining the imperialist coalition against ISIS, the Turkish state has begun to bomb Syria following its compromise with the US to open up the Incirlik airbase in return for bombing the PKK in Kandil. As part of this agreement of joint action between the Ak Party and the US, by giving air support to some groups in the region they are working towards forming an “ISIS-free zone”... Read More

Verklaring van de IST over de nieuwe oorlog in het Midden-Oosten

De Verenigde Staten heeft een nieuwe oorlog in het Midden-Oosten gelanceerd, aan het hoofd van een ‘coalition of the willing’ met NAVO-landen en Arabische regimes. Daarover gaat deze verklaring van de International Socialist Tendency, waartoe de Internationale Socialisten behoren. De Verenigde Staten heeft een nieuwe oorlog in het Midden-Oosten gelanceerd, aan het hoofd van... Read More


Yhdysvallat, joka johtaa Nato-valtioista ja arabihallituksista koostuvaa ”halukkaiden koalitiota”, on käynnistänyt uuden sodan Lähi-idässä. Barack Obama ja muut länsijohtajat vakuuttavat meille sen oleva täysin toisenlainen, kuin George W. Bushin Lähi-idän sotaseikkailu. Tavoitteena on vain ”vahingoittaa ja viime kädessä tuhota” ryhmä, joka vaihtelevasti tunnetaan... Read More


Οι ΗΠΑ, επικεφαλής ενός «συνασπισμού προθύμων» που συμπεριλαμβάνει χώρες μέλη του ΝΑΤΟ και Αραβικά καθεστώτα, έχουν εξαπολύσει ένα νέο πόλεμο στη Μέση Ανατολή. Ο Μπαράκ Ομπάμα και άλλοι δυτικοί ηγέτες μας βεβαιώνουν... Read More

Uluslararası Sosyalist Akım’dan Ortadoğu’daki yeni savaş üzerine açıklama

NATO ülkelerini ve Arap rejimlerini kucaklayan bir “gönüllüler koalisyonu”nun başını çeken ABD, Ortadoğu’da yeni bir savaş başlattı. Barack Obama ve diğer Batı liderleri, bu müdahalenin George W Bush’un Ortadoğu’daki askeri macerasından çok farklı olduğunu söylüyorlar. Amaç, basitçe, İslam Devleti, IŞİD, Irak Levant İslam Devleti (ISIL) gibi... Read More

IS Tendency statement on the new war in the Middle East

The United States, heading a “coalition of the willing” embracing NATO states and Arab regimes, has launched a new war in the Middle East. Barack Obama and other Western leaders assure us that it is quite different from George W Bush’s military adventure in the Middle East. The aim is simply to “degrade and ultimately to destroy” the group variously known as the Islamic... Read More

Statement on Gaza by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists

At the start of Israel’s current attacks on Gaza, the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists issued the following statement: When will you cut relations with the enemy, if not now? The Revolutionary Socialists 15 November 2012 Read the original statement in Arabic In the midst of what is called ‘The Arab Spring’, Gaza’s Winter continues. Zionist shelling has so far... Read More

DSIP: do not let anyone die in prison! (Turkish / English)

653 Kurdish prisoners in 58 different prisons in Turkey have been on hunger strikes for 42 days. Their demands are the recognition of the right to use one’s mother language in courts and improvements on the conditions of the imprisoned PKK leader Abdullah Ocalan. Today, DSIP (Revolutionary Socialist Workers Party) have issued the following press statement on the issue calling... Read More

Statement from the Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt on the Libya Intervention

More than a month after the outbreak of the Libyan Revolution, the UN Security Council (after discussion of the Libyan issue in secret meetings) has imposed a No-Fly Zone. Read More  Read More