Беларусь и борьба с режимом Александра Лукашенко.

В Беларуси развернулось массовое движение забастовок и протестов, организованных против коррумпированного авторитарного правления Александра Лукашенко. Сотни тысяч людей вышли на улицы. Забастовки происходят на предприятиях обрабатывающей промышленности, в... Read More

Belarus and the struggle against Lukashenko

A mass movement of strikes and protests has developed in Belarus, protesting the corrupt authoritarian rule of Aleksander Lukashenko. Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets. There are strikes in manufacturing plants, the energy sector, steel works, mining, petrochemicals, the media and other sectors. Lukashenko and his allies have responded with repression, unleashing state forces to attack protests and arresting strike leaders, which has further radicalised and broadened... Read More