The Syrian Revolution is in a tragic situation. It is attacked on all sides – by the forces of the Assad regime and its regional and international allies, by the open allies of Western imperialism, and by sectarian jihadi groups. Despite their antagonisms, these different forces have a common interest in crushing the original democratic revolutionary movement, which united Syrians of all religious and ethnic backgrounds in the struggle to overthrow the regime.

Our comrades in the Revolutionary Left Current of Syria report an attack on 12 April on fighters politically linked to them that illustrates this situation:

A group of fighters of the ‘People’s Liberation Faction’, while travelling from Hama to Aleppo to support comrades in arms and of the cause to confront the continued attacks of the regimes forces, were stopped at a check point controlled by an Islamist extremist faction, said to belong to Jabhat al Nusra. Two of our fighters came to reach an understanding with the fighters of the checkpoint, who asked them their names and affiliation and sects. Our comrades told them that they are ‘People’s Liberation Faction’ and that they were from various sects. Some of the fighters at the checkpoint then demanded to all the militants from religious and ethnic minorities to surrender their arms to them. The comrades refused this categorically. The fighters at the checkpoint started pointing their arms at the face of our fighters and then opened fire against them, which led to a clash between us and them. Three of their fighters fell during the clash, while two of our comrades were martyred, Ahmed and Rami, and a third was wounded.

We extend our condolences to the families and comrades of Ahmed and Rami and declare our solidarity with the Revolutionary Left Current and with all those struggling for a democratic and non-sectarian revolution in Syria.

Glory to our martyrs and to the martyrs of the popular revolution!

The revolution continues!

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