The trial of Workers Solidarity was postponed

Today, the 12th of December 2013, the Athens One-Member Court for Misdemeanors, following the prosecutor’s suggestion, found itself incompetent to try the criminal lawsuit of Ioannis Andriopoulos, a supporter of the Golden Dawn Party, against Katerina Thoidou, Tassos Anastasiadis and Panos Garganas, journalist, editor and director of Workers Solidarity (“Ergatiki Allileghii”) newspaper, respectively. The case will be referred to the prosecutor’s office in order for a new trial date to be set within the next seven months before the competent Three-Member Court for Misdemeanors.

Hundreds of supporters rallied outside the court wth their banners ftom many university scools, KERRFA, ANTARSYA and the Union of Immigrant Workers. Inside the court, as witnesses of defence were the chairmen of the National Unions of Journalists and ERT, members of the Executive Comittee of the greek TUC, university teachers, a SYRIZA MP and a representative of Athens local counsil.

The fight against the procecution of Workers Solidarity continues.

We greet all international solidarity and we ask everyone to curry on with the solidarity campaign. With your help we will win

Stop the procecution of left and antifascist militants in Greece!

Put the nazis in jail!

For Socialist Workers Party (SEK) Greece

Costas Pittas

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