Dogan Tarkan: A personal tribute

I first met Dogan Tarkan in the mid-1980s. He was then living in exile in London. He had been a leading figure in the Turkish far left during the 1970s, a period of intense class conflict that involved street warfare between the left groups and the extreme right. The military coup of 1980 sent Dogan into exile, along with many other Turkish revolutionaries. It was during this period that he broke with the Third Worldist politics of his organization, Kurtulus, and began to develop... Read More

The trial of Workers Solidarity was postponed

Today, the 12th of December 2013, the Athens One-Member Court for Misdemeanors, following the prosecutor’s suggestion, found itself incompetent to try the criminal lawsuit of Ioannis Andriopoulos, a supporter of the Golden Dawn Party, against Katerina Thoidou, Tassos Anastasiadis and Panos Garganas, journalist, editor and director of Workers Solidarity (“Ergatiki Allileghii”) newspaper, respectively. The case will be referred to the prosecutor’s office in order for a new... Read More