Statement on South Korea’s 18th presidential election (All Together)

The 18th presidential election, which sharply polarized Korea,ended ominously with the election of Park Geun-hye as president. Most organized workers must be in a mild state of panic. And indeed the radical left, including All Together, is facing a tough period. The election was held in the context of a re-invigorated crisis of capitalism, deepening inter-imperialist tensions in the Asia Pacific region, and the growing instability of the existing imperialist order.The Korean... Read More

Statement by All Together on the South Korean presidential elections

We understand people feeling that they have no choice but to vote for Moon Jae-in in order to stop Park Geun-hye. But we should have no illusions. Less than 10 days remain till the 18th presidential election. At the moment, numerous predictions show Park Geun-hye is leading by a minor margin. Nevertheless, no one dares to predict the definite result. What is definite is that regardless who becomes elected, that person will try to pass on the burden of the economic crisis to the... Read More

Antifascist day of action: declaration of artists, academics and others (English, French, Italian)

Declaration of artists, academics and others for the antifascist day of 19 January (French and Italian translations below). Please circulate widely. Signatures can be sent to Against fascism and racism… Six months after Golden Dawn entered Parliament, no one can say: I do not know. The serpent’s egg has hatched. The venom from its bite is threatening lives: poor people who happened to be born with the “wrong” skin colour and have the... Read More

Call for action, 19 January: Athens, an anti-fascist city (English and French)

Saturday 19/1 Athens, an anti-fascist city National demonstration Omonia square 2pm Gig Syntagma square 4pm Say it with a song… Nazis out! - No to concentration camps - Citizenship for all the children of immigrants On the 19th of January we flood Athens from every city and neighborhood in the country, from every workplace, place of education, art, workers and youth. We occupy the city with music, chants and speeches, to shout that the Nazis are undesirable and the coalition... Read More

Statement of the Revolutionary Socialists (Egypt): You shall not pass your constitution

You shall not pass your constitution The Revolutionary Socialists 4 December 2012 Read the original statement (in Arabic) here Continuing with policies of ignorance and stubbornness, Mohamed Morsi announced that the Constitutional Referendum will be held in less than ten days. This response to the million-strong marches which have filled the squares recalls the policies of the deposed dictator Mubarak towards the political and social movement. It appears that Morsi, who scraped... Read More

Statement by En lucha / En lluita on the Catalan elections (English, Catalan, Spanish)

The Candidatura de Unitat Popular – Alternativa d’Esquerres (CUP-AE – Popular Unity Candidature-Left Alternative) has achieved a strong breakthrough in the Catalan parliamentary elections. 126,219 people voted for a clear alternative that seeks change: a candidature organised from the rank and file, capable of breaking the anti-democratic dynamic of the electoral blocks by means of militant activism. Over 450 meetings, street stands, posters stuck up everywhere and electoral... Read More