Greek Solidarity Statement

1. Austerity now dominates the economic policies of the advanced capitalist world. In response to a global crisis precipitated by the speculative drive of the big banks, the Western ruling classes have chosen to shift the cost onto the backs of working people and the poor. Slashing public expenditure has trapped the world in slow growth. But it has also provided an opportunity to drive through more of the neoliberal ‘reforms’ that allowed the financial markets to escape control... Read More

Update: Sameh Naguib released

Sameh Naguib has now been released from custody. For more information go to  Read More

Egyptian army arrests Sameh Naguib

Centre for Socialist Studies 10 February 2012 A group of armed civilians in cooperation with the military police attacked a group of Revolutionary Socialists a short while ago. Sameh Naguib, labor lawyer Haitham Mohammedein, and human rights lawyer Ahmed Mamdouh were attacked while participating in a march in Alexandria, after which Naguib was turned over to the headquarters of the military governor on the military base at Ras al Tin. Following word of the news, Kamal Khalil,... Read More