Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists: “We call for a single unified committee to lead the General Strike.”

Summary of a statement by Egypt’s Revolutionary Socialists, issued 5 September 2011

  1. We cannot ignore the role of the working class and its struggles over the past five years, or its role during the Egyptian revolution. It was the wave of strikes that paralyzed the regime in the final week of Husni Mubarak’s reign.
  2. Today the working class is putting the revolution back on the road. The important centers of the working class have announced a number of strikes due to begin over the next few days.
    The strikes are in defense of the right of workers to a fair wage, humane working conditions and against corruption and the dominance of Mubarak placemen in institutions and public bodies.

  3. These strikes are being spearheaded by the textile workers of Mahalla al-Kubra; teachers and lecturers; health workers; workers in aviation, transport and other sectors.
  4. The struggle of workers was not only a major episode of Egypt’s January revolution, it was the most important stage of the revolution that had at its heart the demand for dignity and social justice.
  5. While there now is a race to harvest the spoils of our revolution, and devide the spoils of our victory, there remains millions of workers and toilers who are suffering the same poverty and oppression that they endured before the revolution.
  6. Now the working class is returning to the struggle, and with it comes all its might. This struggle will put the train of revolution back on the track towards social justice, and restore the rights of working people.
  7. If the storm of strikes that swept the country in Mubarak’s final week were successful — despite their spontaneity and lack central leadership and coordination — it was inevitable that these strikes spread across all sectors and drew in all the independent unions.
  8. These strikes expressed the collective demands of workers — raised by the workers themselves — they were not dictated from outside the movement.
  9. We need the formation of a single unified committee to lead the upcoming strikes that will not only draw in representatives of all the affected sectors, but also encourage the rest of the working class to raise their demands as part of a general strike.
  10. We need this committee to lead strikes over the next year, and to unite the working class movement in order to complete the tasks of our revolution — a revolution in which hundreds of poor and working people sacrificed their lives for a better life.
  11. Today we are at the gates of the general strike to reclaim our dreams for justice, freedom and our hope. In this the working class has never failed us.

Revolutionary Socialists, Egypt

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