Statement from the Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt on the Nakba Protests

Sharaf and the military are the successors of Mubarak: Down with the agents of Zionism

On the anniversary of the Nakba, the police and army fire live ammunition at Egyptians to protect the embassy of the Zionists.

“With the fall of Mubarak, Israel announced that it had lost a strategic ally in the region. Congratulations to Israel on finding a replacement.”

According to eye witness reports the demonstration which marched on the Zionist embassy had succeeded in breaking the security cordon of a number of military vehicles which the army had put in place between part of Murad Street and University Bridge since the revolution began in January.

Demonstrators were then surprised by ranks of Central Security Forces riot police who attacked them just steps away from the embassy building, which occupies two upper floors of the building. The police were also firing tear gas with such intensity that it reached Giza Square. Live bullets were fired against the protestors from different directions, leading to the deaths of two people at least, and a large number of wounded who were carried away in ambulances to unknown locations. There were also many casualties inside the cordon who demonstrators were unable to get out.

Eye witnesses said that as the demonstrators dispersed into the neighbouring streets they were surprised by guards from the Saudi embassy who opened fire on them.

The mask has fallen away. It is no longer possible to ignore the ugly face of this regime.

The police which left the country in a deliberately-created state of chaos, while running a propaganda campaign about ‘safety’ and ‘security’, returns in all its former power to offer a ‘token of reconciliation’ to the Egyptian people – a message saying they want to turn back the clock.

The army, which guards the Zionists’ embassy, and holds meetings with [Israeli military official] Amos Gilad, crushes Egyptian citizens’ protests, before the eyes of the Israelis who were watching the carnage from their vantage point in the embassy, checking that the regime is acting according to their instructions and killing its own people.

This is what comes of a need to prove loyalty and obedience to the Americans and the Zionists. Let us not forget the visit of the military chief of staff Sami Annan to the United States which coincided with the outbreak of the revolution, and following which the military junta announced that it would “respect all treaties” and continue to supply Israel with natural gas. This confirms the collusion between the army and imperialism, demonstrated by the visit of Hilary Clinton to Egypt before the aggression against Libya, which showed that imperialism is still in control. The ‘Arabism’ of our rulers is reached by way of Tel Aviv and Washington.

The question of Palestine is no longer something which can be dealt with later as an example of a ‘brother’ people suffering occupation. Rather Israel represents a genuine danger at the gates of Egypt, one which is able to control her resources and command her army, the same army which takes its legitimacy from the victory of the 1973 October War and claims to be protecting the 25 January revolution, and which is now shooting at those who made the revolution in the interests of Israel. It is the army’s legitimacy which has now fallen.

With the fall of Mubarak, Israel announced that it had lost a strategic ally in the region. Congratulations to Israel on finding a replacement: Essam Sharaf and the Supreme Military Council

Down with the regime of collaborators with imperialism!

Revolution until victory in Egypt and Palestine!

Revolutionary Socialists
16 May 2011

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