Zimbabweans face possible death sentence for discussing Egyptian Revolution – English and French

From Socialist Worker by Yuri Prasad A group of socialists in Zimbabwe face a possible death sentence for watching a video about the Egyptian Revolution. Some 52 activists were charged with treason and “subverting a constitutionally elected government” in a Harare court yesterday (Wednesday). Read More  Read More

Protest against this attack on Zimbabwean socialists

On Saturday the Zimbabwean state attacked a meeting on Egypt of the International Socialist Organization Zimbabwe and arrested everyone there. Some 52 people representing students, union members and workers were arrested and were being detained at Harare Central prison. Read More  Read More

Statement of the Revolutionary Socialists of Egypt in Polish, Danish, Spanish & Kurdish

Polish version: Oświadczenie Rewolucyjnych Socjalistów, Egipt Chwała męczennikom! Zwycięstwo rewolucji! Read More  Read More

Statement of the Revolutionary Socialists Egypt

Glory to the martyrs! Victory to the revolution! What is happening today is the largest popular revolution in the history of our country and of the entire Arab world. The sacrifice of our martyrs has built our revolution and we have broken through all the barriers of fear. We will not back down until the criminal “leaders” and their criminal system is destroyed. Mubarak’s departure is the first step, not the last step of the revolution The handover of power... Read More

Portuguese version of the IST statement on Tunisia

Nota da TSl/IST sobre a Revolução Tunisiana A importância da vitória das massas tunisianas não se limita ao bom êxito da derrubada de Ben Ali, acabando com 23 anos de ditadura. Read More  Read More

German version of the IST statement on Tunisia

Statement der International Socialist Tendency zur Revolution in Tunesien Die Bedeutung des Siegs der tunesischen Massen beschränkt sich nicht nur auf den Sturz von Ben-Ali, das Ende von 23 Jahren Diktatur. Read More  Read More

Czech version of the IST statement on Tunisia

Stanovisko IST k Tuniské revoluci Význam vítězství tuniských mas není omezen jen na úspěšné svržení 23 let dlouhé diktatury Ben Aliho. Read More  Read More

Spanish version of the IST statement on Tunisia

Comunicado de la Corriente Socialismo Internacional sobre la revolución en Tunez La importancia de la victoria de la población tunecina va más allá de la exitosa expulsión de Ben-Ali, acabando con 23 años de dictadura. Read More  Read More