Online conference: The Revolutionary Alternative to Capitalism’s Climate Disaster

The conference is on Sunday 14th November.
Speakers so far include:
· Sabrina Fernandez (Brazil) · Alex Callinicos (Britain) · Özdeş Özbay (Turkey) · John Molyneux (Ireland) · Gyekye Tanoh (Ghana) · Michelle Robidoux (Canada) · Amy Leather (Britain) · Erima Dall (Australia) · Martin Empson (Britain)
Sessions include: The Limits of COP26 and Capitalist Solutions · Marxism, [...]

Liberar a Frank García Hernández y a sus compañeros

Desde hace años, en realidad también desde hace décadas, denunciamos el bloqueo impuesto por las autoridades de Estados Unidos contra Cuba. Hemos denunciado y seguimos denunciando las diversas políticas y medidas adoptadas por Washington desde 1959-1960 para aislar, desestabilizar y atacar a Cuba. Somos antiimperialistas e internacionalistas convencidos.
Estamos muy preocupados por la detención durante [...]

Libérez Frank García Hernández et ses camarades

Depuis des années, voire des dizaines d’années, nous avons dénoncé le blocus imposé par les autorités des États-Unis contre Cuba. Nous avons dénoncé et nous continuons à dénoncer les différentes politiques et mesures adoptées depuis 1959-1960 par Washington pour isoler, déstabiliser et agresser Cuba. Nous sommes des anti-impérialistes et des internationalistes convaincu·es.
Nous sommes très [...]


For years, indeed decades, we have denounced the blockade imposed by the US authorities against Cuba. We have denounced and continue to denounce the various policies and measures adopted by Washington since 1959-1960 to isolate, destabilise and attack Cuba. We are anti-imperialists and convinced internationalists.
We were therefore very concerned to learn of the arrest during [...]

Joint statement by revolutionary socialists in Turkey and Russia on the situation in Karabakh

Armenia, having suffered defeat in the area of the Lachin corridor and lost the city of Shusha, was forced to surrender to the forces of Azerbaijan, supported by Turkey. A few kilometers from Shushi, in which the Azerbaijani troops were successfully entrenched, lies the city of Stepanakert, the capital of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. This would [...]

No to war in the Eastern Mediterranean!

No to war,
We demand peace in the Eastern Mediterranean!
No to dirty energy,
Yes to solar and wind power in the Mediterranean
Tension has been rising between the states of the region over the search for natural gas in the Eastern Mediterranean and plans to build a pipeline to carry this gas to Europe.
The pipeline agreement signed by [...]

Беларусь и борьба с режимом Александра Лукашенко.

В Беларуси развернулось массовое движение забастовок и протестов, организованных против коррумпированного авторитарного правления Александра Лукашенко. Сотни тысяч людей вышли на улицы. Забастовки происходят на предприятиях обрабатывающей промышленности, в энергетике, металлургии, горнодобывающей промышленности, нефтехимии, средствах массовой информации и в других отраслях. Лукашенко и его союзники ответили репрессиями, развязав государственные силы для нападения на протесты и арестовав [...]

Belarus and the struggle against Lukashenko

A mass movement of strikes and protests has developed in Belarus, protesting the corrupt authoritarian rule of Aleksander Lukashenko. Hundreds of thousands have taken to the streets. There are strikes in manufacturing plants, the energy sector, steel works, mining, petrochemicals, the media and other sectors. Lukashenko and his allies have responded with repression, unleashing state [...]

IST statement on coronavirus pandemic

1. The Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic is generally presented as a “natural disaster”, an “external shock” to the normal functioning of the capitalist system. But this is quite untrue. There have been various novel coronavirus and influenza outbreaks (SARS, MERS, H5N1): epidemiologists warned posed the threat of a global pandemic.. The conditions for these outbreaks have [...]

No to war and imperialism: The refugees are our brothers and sisters!

The refugees are being made to pay the price for the war in the Middle East. While the governments of Turkey and Greece are trying to benefit from the conflict between the imperialist blocks, they are both doing their best to get rid of the refugees within their borders and to block the entry of [...]