Internationalists must support Catalonia’s right to decide

On Sunday 1 October 2017, Catalonia is due to hold a referendum with the question “Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic?” The Spanish state, where Rajoy’s right wing PP governs as a minority, is using all possible repressive measures to try to stop the vote.
The demand [...]

La izquierda internacionalista debe apoyar el derecho de Catalunya a decidir

El domingo 1 de octubre de 2017, Catalunya celebrará un referéndum con la pregunta “¿Quieres que Catalunya se convierta en un Estado independiente en forma de república?” El Estado español, donde el conservador Partido Popular (PP) de Mariano Rajoy gobierna en minoría, está usando todas las medidas represivas posibles para tratar de impedir la votación.
La [...]

Solidarity with the movement in the Rif and Morocco

For more than half a year people have taken to the streets in the Rif region and the rest of Morocco. They demand an end to humiliation (“hogra”) at the hands of police and state officials, and investment in public services and employment.
The movement began with the brutal police murder of the fishmonger Mohcine Fikri [...]

The fight for the democratic right to decide in Catalunya

The announcement today by the Catalan President, Carles Puigdemont, that a referendum will be held on the independence of Catalunya of Sunday 1 October responds to a longstanding demand by a large majority of the country. It comes after years of mass mobilisations in recent years, with demonstrations of up to 2 million people, and [...]

Stand Up to Trump! Use 18-19 March to Build Worldwide Movement against Racism!

The election of Donald Trump marked a sharp shift to the right in ruling-class politics in the advanced capitalist societies. We have an open racist and sexist occupying the White House, proclaiming economic nationalism and ‘America First’ and advised by reactionaries the like of Stephen Bannon, who argues that the West is at war with [...]

Defend South Korean students struggle against Seoul National University’s corporatization

- Stop Victimization of students, Scrap new campus plan
Students in Seoul National University (SNU), South Korea, have been occupying SNU’s main building for over 100 days since October 10, 2016, against a plan to build a campus extension in the city of Siheung.
SNU is a national university regarded as the most elite institution of higher [...]

Turkey after the attempted coup

An interview with Ron Margulies (DSIP, Turkey) for the magazine of the IS Tendency’s fraternal organisation in Germany.
by Tilman von Berlepsch
After the attempted coup d’état of the Turkish military, Erdoğan has declared a state of emergency. What powers does he have and how does he use them?
Most crucially, the state of emergency gives the government [...]

We don’t want Trump—but neither do the bosses (Alex Callinicos)

First Brexit and now Trump. There’s a pattern here that we must try to understand.
Of course it’s disgusting that a racist, sexist property developer has won the presidency of the United States. But something bigger is happening.
Britain and the US were the two advanced capitalist societies that pioneered neoliberalism. This followed the election victories of [...]

Stop the repression of South Korean trade unionists

On 14 November 2015, about 100,000 people, most of them trade unionists, took to the streets of Seoul in response to a call by the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) for a national day of protest (N14). The main focus of the protest was opposition to proposed labour “reforms” by the Park Geun-hye government, [...]

Ankara bomb attacks: Blood on Erdoğan’s hands

Over a hundred are dead and scores more seriously injured after a bomb attack on a peace rally in the Turkish capital, Ankara. We offer our condolences to the family, friends and comrades of those killed, and we stand in solidarity with all those demanding justice.
The rally, called by trade unions, was unarmed and peaceful. [...]